The year is coming to an end, so the Christmas campaign is coming to an end soon Epic Games. Since December 16, you will receive at least one every day mysterious game Free. Also on December 29 there is another one free game I Epic Games Store. You can lock this in until December 30th, 5pm. To do this, just click on it once and you can then keep it permanently in your game library.

Today you can watch a 2D RPG Salt and sanctuary by developer ska studios Get it for free in the store.

Salt and sanctuary

In this 2D action RPG, players explore a ruthlessly haunted island. Salt and Sanctuary combines fast-paced, brutal 2D battles with detailed RPG mechanics in a cursed world of forgotten cities, bloodstained dungeons, and tainted ruins.

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Here you get yourself Salt and sanctuary

with the “mysterious game-Action (Mystery Game) Epic Games provides free games during the holidays. This is basically a continuation Free Games CollectionThey usually have at least one free game ready for you every week. If you want to know what games were already available for free at Epic Games in this context, take a look here: Epic Games – Free Game Collection: List of all games

Mysterious Game 13:

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