May 17, 2022


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Energy Dome is the winner of the prestigious BloombergNEF Pioneers 2022 Low Carbon Technology Competition for Low Carbon Technology

Milan –

Energy Dome today announced the winner of the 2022 Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Leading Technology Competition, which recognizes the best performing and most innovative technologies for advancing a low carbon economy. Energy Dome is the first Italian company to win this prestigious competition. Energy Dome has been recognized by BNEF (BloombergNEF) for developing and commercializing carbon dioxide battery technology for long-term energy storage in the category of “24/7 zero-emissions energy delivery”.

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Founded in 2019, Energy Dome offers a long-lasting and cost-effective way to store and feed renewable energy into the grid for periods ranging from four to 24 hours. Carbon dioxide is used in a self-contained cycle of charging and discharging, with no emissions released into the atmosphere. Energy Dome plans to build energy storage projects around the world at half the cost of lithium-ion batteries.

“It is a great honor for us to be recognized as winners of the BNEF Pioneers 2022. At the same time, the award is also a strong support for our technology and product, the CO2 battery, which we are deploying on a commercial scale,” said Claudio Spadasini, founder and CEO of Energy. Dome. “There is already a lot of interest in the CO2 battery all over the world. Proven components are used for these; it costs only half the cost of storing lithium-ion batteries, and it is highly efficient (round-trip efficiency over 75%) and has not experienced any performance loss during The duration of the project is over 30 years. We believe that the CO2 battery will greatly help in accelerating the clean energy transition by replacing the fossil fuels of the primary load with fully grid capable solar and wind energy.”

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As the winner of the BNEF Pioneers Award 2022, Energy Dome will join the esteemed group of pioneering alumni.

Annually BNEF pioneers identify the most promising and most impactful technologies to accelerate the global shift away from carbon dioxide and halt climate change. Pioneers are innovative companies and organizations in sectors such as energy, transportation, materials, manufacturing, consumer goods and agriculture.

Energy Dome’s first commercial CO2 battery storage facility is currently under construction in Sardinia, Italy. The company now offers a CO2 battery for commercial use with performance guarantees. Energy Dome also recently signed an agreement with Ansaldo Energy to develop up to 30 energy storage facilities over the next five years in Italy, Germany, the Middle East and Africa. The facilities will use non-flammable, non-toxic carbon dioxide-based energy storage solutions to store and inject electricity 24 hours a day.

About Energy Dome

Energy Dome is a provider of energy storage solutions that harness renewable energy by providing on-demand solar and wind energy using carbon dioxide battery storage. Energy Dome’s low-cost energy storage technology helps accelerate the global transformation of renewable energy by enabling more renewable electricity to reach the grid. For more information, see

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Source: Business Wire