November 27, 2021


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Elon Musk has promised to launch the starship in January 2022

Elon Musk has promised to launch the starship in January 2022

A SpaceX StarShip’s first orbital launch is expected to build its spacecraft in January 2022. This pledge came from the company’s own CEO and founder, Elon Musk, Mentioned the prediction during a virtual conference with the US National Academy of Sciences.

However, Musk did not limit himself to the “first” launch, and said he expects “a dozen more” launches throughout 2022, although he acknowledged that the key obstacles facing SpaceX today are of a regulatory nature. First task) and production: “Prototypes are easy, difficult to produce” he said last Wednesday (17). No Twitter.


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The meeting, which lasted about eight hours, was broadcast via Web light, The final “attraction” of the Musk event. The CEO answered a number of questions from members of the science team, which gave us access to new details about Starship. The most interesting part is that considering the novelty of the project, Musk did not expect complete success in the first release.

“There are a lot of risks in this first release, so I would not say it has a good chance of success, but we’re going to make a lot of progress on it anyway.”

According to Muskin, the idea is to follow a process of increasing intensity to maintain the safety of the ship. He said the Starship would test the first of several orbit tests in January, and “a few” test flights would follow. By the end of 2022, SpaceX is expected to begin using the orbital spacecraft to launch high-performance satellites, after which astronauts will be able to embark on large missions such as manned missions.

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To do this, SpaceX has not yet conducted a “series of tests” throughout December: recently, the company conducted First standard fire test From the starship SN20, its prototype orbit class. All six Raptor thrusters were shot and the test was successful, effectively making the craft more or less qualified for the aircraft.

Lack, however o Super Heavy, A rocket carrying spacecraft from Earth to the edge of space with our planet. The rocket that went off without direct firing on SpaceX structures in Texas for several months – the largest rocket of its kind – was the one Musk referred to for testing in December.

Currently, the spacecraft and the rocket have already completed their development, but they do not yet have the support base to launch and some minor work on the package’s collection system – both reusable. Above all, but before the first flight, the US Civil Aviation Administration (FAA) is expected to conduct a further study to confirm the technical default – setting January next year as a possible starting point.

The strange thing about Musk’s promises is the question of “dozen” releases in 2022: Naturally, even in SpaceX’s best case scenario, An FAA It tends to reduce the number of launches in a single year between three and eight attempts – all depending on the type of rocket and a few other factors.

To date, no rocket in history has reached even nine missiles in the single year of its launch, and in general, some who reach double-digit missiles do so only from their second year.

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However, Musk did not explain how he wanted to change that.

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