May 26, 2022


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Elden Ring: The new patch removed a nice bunch from the game

Elden Ring: The new patch removed a nice bunch from the game

Recently received Elden Ring Big update 1.03. This comes with some power-down for popular game modes, gives some new mission stages to NPCs, and a brand new NPC has also found its way into the game.

From the program removes the Ragged Armor group

With Software’s new open world adventure in stores for a few weeks now, many players have already seen the end of the game and are venturing into New Game+. As in many other games, the real end of the game in Elden Ring is to make your character look as good as possible. Various combos that you can find in the game world, some items from bosses, and a property mechanism that can be used to customize different pieces of equipment help with this.

One outfit that some players liked is the “Rough Armor Set”. This was only available by chance and cannot be found in the actual game. Instead, players had to take a trip to the game files to get the set. From the program he has now removed the entire popular group from the game, and According to Reddit Also removed from the inventories of players who acquired them prior to this patch.

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Some users are currently hoping that the Ragged Armor set will make its way into the game at some point, but based on the wording in the patch notes, it will likely take some time. You can find group attributes in file Fextralife wiki to the Elden Ring (Buy now /50.99 € ).