October 21, 2021


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Eduardo celebrates a week without games for America-MG and praises the system with three defenders | America mg

One of the most experienced players in the América-MG squad, Eduardo Sideshow recently won the spot with the arrival of Wagner Mancini. The player was one of the most prominent figures in the team from Minas Gerais in Brazil and praised what the new captain is doing.

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A very good job, gives confidence to all of us, is physically and tactically balanced, we are developing a lot in a short time. With a full week of work, we’ll get to the end of the week with many issues fixed – said the player.

Eduardo celebrates a full week of training at América-MG and praises the system with three defenders – Photo: Estevão Germano / América-MG

Mancini is having his first full week, which means no games in the middle of the week, to work with players. Coelho has nine days between the match against Atlético MG, last Saturday, and until the next date, which is against Sport, on Monday. With that said, schedule daily training and up to two periods with the group.

– With the change of leadership, players tried to assimilate things as quickly as possible. Mancini hasn’t had time to work yet, this is the first full week and working with him to implement the right training and really find him. The squad that will give us victory and a good start in the tournament.

“The formation we played in the derby was practically a training session before the match and we performed very well. He is trying to consolidate that scheme and get a good result on the next date.”

The formation different from the last match and the choice of the system with three defenders has everything to stay against the sport. The coach hinted at this at the end of his press conference. Eduardo sees the side with good eyes and assesses that this structure is easy to play.

This scheme gives me freedom to attack, it’s been a long time since I’ve played this style of game. It’s a system that gives me a lot of freedom for my playing style.

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