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Eckerts Bamberg: stop at the old Mühlenviertel

Eckerts Bamberg: stop at the old Mühlenviertel

  • Eckerts Bamberg: Traditional Franconian dishes, served like on a ship
  • In the top ten in the Google ranking: That Eckerts Bamberg Popular with tourists and locals
  • Opening times, menu, address/contact details and more: Here you can find out everything you need to know about Eckerts Bamberg

Traditional anchors like a ship Eckerts Bamberg Directly at Regnitz. But guests can not only eat and drink here, with a great view of the Hainpark: as a tourist, you can also spend the night in Eckerts Bamberg. who – which Nepomuk Hotel Right at home and belongs to Eckerts Bamberg to me. For Google Research, that is Bamberg Restaurant Right on top and is one of the top 10 most searched-for restaurants in the search engine alongside, for example, Henrii Bamberg, Cocoon Bamberg or Bootshaus Bamberg.

Eckerts Bamberg: Modern and Urban Mixed with ‘Franconian Hospitality’

This is well established in the old Mühlenviertel in Bamberg Eckerts Bamberg Like a ship in Regnitz. On the cozy bridge terrace, guests can have breakfast, lunch or dinner – with a great view of the Hainpark. In addition to the restaurant Eckerts Bamberg, which also belongs Nepomuk Hotel to me traditional room to me. The inn is especially popular with travelers to Bamberg.

“Straightforward, distinctive and straightforward” is how the lodge describes the interior design on its website. When it comes to dishes, guests can look forward to traditional Franconian cuisine and seasonal produce, all modern and reinterpreted by the chef.

One guest writes in Google Reviews: “Delicious daily specials, good beer, and friendly service.” Generally this happens Eckerts Bamberg Here is a total of 4.6 stars.

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Eckerts Bamberg opening hours: Open to guests seven days a week until midnight

According to the site, this is Eckerts Restaurant Bamberg Open to you seven days a week – until midnight. All day long, guests get breakfast, snacks, coffee and cake here. Hot meals are available at certain times. These are the exact opening and kitchen times for Eckert Bamberg:

Monday From 7 am to midnight
Tuesday From 7 am to midnight
Wednesday From 7 am to midnight
Thursday From 7 am to midnight
Friday From 7 am to midnight
Saturday From 7 am to midnight
Sunday From 7 am to midnight

warm kitchen every day From 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
The whole day Breakfast, snacks, coffee and cake

who – which Eckerts Bamberg They expressly request on their website to make a reservation prior to visiting. Google reviews also indicate that Bamberg Restaurant is always well attended. All you have to Address and contact details Need to know, you can find out here.

Regional delicacies and fine Franconian beer: here you will find Eckerts Bamberg

who – which Eckerts Bamberg It is located in the old center of Mühlenviertel and offers a wonderful view of the Hainpark. Here you will find the famous Bamberg restaurant including one Nepomuk Hotel:

One Googler wrote: “The food is delicious and the atmosphere is relaxing.” “Great breakfast with a nice view,” says another Google review. Anyone know the atmosphere and location Eckerts Bamberg Wanting to convince, the restaurant can be found here:

The Eckerts Bamberg

High Mill Bridge 9
96049 Bamberg

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Tel: 0951-9842-500


Eckerts Bamberg Menu: flambé tarts, Franconian snacks and dishes – everything from breakfast to dinner

On Eckert Bamberg menu There are many different things that can be found. who – which Bamberg Restaurant He relies on regional products in all his dishes. The chef likes to offer traditional Franconian dishes “a certain thing” – they go well with guests: “Dinner is simply excellent,” according to Google reviews, among other things.

Not only does the menu, which offers everything from flambé tarts to traditional grills, impress visitors, according to previous guests, but the current daily specials also ensure variety in the restaurant. From breakfast to lunch, coffee and cake to dinner, you can have it all here. Do you want to convince yourself whether Google Reviews compatibility and popularity Eckerts Bamberg Has a good reason? Then take a look at the list.

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* This ranking is related to the Google Analytics evaluation. The restaurants listed in Bamberg are the ten restaurants and bars that are currently most frequently searched for in the Google search engine. These are the personal opinions of Google users.