February 8, 2023


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E-sports startup wins silver in Ideas competition

lvlup company also won! HR startups in the field of esports competed in an idea competition organized by the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Source: lvlup! HR

In the Schleswig-Holstein Ideas Competition 2021/2022 It’s a recently started esports company lvlup! HR He got second place. The award comes with a €5,000 prize money, which is sponsored by the mid-sized investment firm Schleswig-Holstein. WTSH GmbH, the state’s central business development agency, organizes the state competition for innovative startup ideas annually. About 25 startups participated this year.

Schleswig-Holstein is a leader in Germany when it comes to esports. The land between the seas has the first official esports funding, which has been distributed to organizations, institutions and clubs since 2019. In this way, it is possible to set up a state esports center in Kiel, a performance center in Flensburg and several esports rooms in traditional sports clubs. Infrastructure development will continue in 2022. Schleswig-Holstein plans to establish four regional e-sports centers in different locations, including the region of Lübeck and the West Coast.

The fact that the northernmost federal country thinks and acts very progressively when it comes to esports is now also evident in awarding the Jury Prizes to the State Ideas Competition. This serves as an innovation award to honor new and fresh ideas. lvlup company got! HR Emerging in Esports has a Silver Jury Award here.

Idea from lvlup! HR is the use of e-sports in the context of various modern HR work procedures:

  • assessment center
  • Team building, employee retention
  • Recruitment
  • Staff development, training
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The concept of lvlup has already been tested! HR successfully in practice. In collaboration with eSports Nord eV and a mid-sized company, the first successful field test took place in 2021.

Susan BehlhaberCo-Founder, Consultant, Coach, Moderator and Co-Founder:

“The inclusion of e-sports in the company’s human resources work takes into account the new work, in particular the changing requirements of managers and employees. It distinguishes modern employers.”

Frank Simonetlecturer at West Coast University of Applied Sciences and co-founder:

“We are very pleased with the recognition of our idea and the work that has been done so far. As a team, we have worked together continuously to turn the idea into a working concept. Especially in the context of the shortage of skilled workers, which also affects Schleswig-Holstein to a certain extent, we can offer a wide range of added value And solutions are through our measures.”

Timo Schweberexternal lecturer at European Viadrina University and Stuttgart Media University, co-founder:

“Esports offers an incredible amount to be used holistically. It is important that companies can keep pace with the accompanying circumstances, especially in the context of progressive digitization. Esports can feature very exciting and useful concepts and offerings that enrich every company’s portfolio.

In a press release, he thanked the lvlup team! HR expresses all supporters, including the company with which the concept can be tested, WTSH GmbH, the mid-sized investment firm of Schleswig-Holstein, the jury, eSports Nord eV, IHK Flensburg and the Flensburg Technology Center and the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Video Awards Ceremony:

All information about the Ideas Contest is available here: https://wtsh.de/de/ideenkampf-sh