August 15, 2022


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E.On and Alpitronic are investing in fast charging stations

E.On and Alpitronic are accelerating the development of charging infrastructure in Europe. (Photo: E.On)

In the coming years, E.On plans to invest in thousands of charging points across Europe. The energy company has now joined forces with charging station manufacturer Alpitronic to build 2,000 charging stations by the end of 2024. Both companies have set themselves the goal of working together Drive the development of intelligent charging solutions. Among other things, the capabilities of intelligent load management will be examined in relation to the time-varying electricity tariff. In addition, the partners plan to improve the customer experience at the charging station. The focus is on the technical improvement of the interaction between the vehicle, the fast charging station and the billing system.

Companies are also pooling their expertise when it comes to providing freight solutions for heavy commercial vehicles. The first pilot sites with the latest express shipping infrastructure will be established in several locations in Europe by 2024.”Close exchange with our partners along the infrastructure freight value chain is essential to deliver customer-oriented freight solutions.,” Philip Senoner, managing director and co-founder of Alpitronic, commented on the collaboration.

In total, E.On wants to establish about 5,000 fast charging points by 2026. Expansion of existing locations and construction of completely new stations for general charging and for E.On’s business customers is planned. The company’s customers can already charge their e-cars at about 160,000 public charging stations in Germany and other European countries. “Electric mobility is a key factor in driving the energy revolution and reducing carbon dioxide emissions“, says Patrick Lammers, member of the Board of Directors for the Customer Solutions Business at E.On.”For more people to switch to electric driving in the future, charging should be as fast and convenient as possible“.

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