November 30, 2021


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dynaCERT announces Sofina Foods’ use of its technology

TORONTO, November 1, 2021 – dynaCERT Inc. is pleased. (TSX: DYA) (OTCQX: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) (“dynaCERT” or “the Company”) announces the implementation of its flagship HydraGEN and HydraLytica telematics technology, Sofina Foods Inc. (“Sofina”) in Canada.

KarbonKleen Inc (“KarbonKleen”), dynaCERT’s preferred systems provider, has announced that Sofina will expand its dynaCERT facility from four (4) units of HydraGEN technology to twenty (20) units using dynaCERT’s patented technology to improve the efficiency of diesel engines and reduce their pollutant emissions. .

KarbonKleen has successfully agreed to implement dynaCERT technology with Sofina. As part of the growing global hydrogen economy, dynaCERT’s patented technology creates hydrogen and oxygen on demand through a unique patented electrolysis system and delivers these gases to internal combustion engines through air intake, resulting in better combustion, lower carbon emissions and higher efficiency. in fuel consumption. DynaCERT technology is designed for use in many types and sizes of diesel engines used in road vehicles, refrigerated trailers, all-terrain construction equipment, power generation equipment, mining and forestry machinery, barges and railroad locomotives.

With a total of twenty (20) HG1 HydraGEN units delivered from dynaCERT to Sofina, KarbonKleen is now able to provide its customers with HydraLytica technology, our proprietary global software technology. Users of dynaCERT’s HydraGEN technology can see exactly how much carbon dioxide they are generating on their computers or mobile phones, not just as a whole, but for each individual truck or diesel engine.

Sofina Foods said: “The company will adopt this technology as part of its ongoing commitment to continuously improve the environmental performance of its operations and products. The company is known for working with its customers and suppliers to find ways to reduce its environmental impact. Operations Collaboration with KarbonKleen on the use of dynaCERT technology is in line with these principles.” More information is available at

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“Sofina Foods management has set practical and immediate sustainability goals, and this is very commendable,” said Kelly Ellis, KarbonKleen’s Executive Vice President of Marketing. With the continued use of dynaCERT’s HydraGEN technology, the entire KarbonKleen team continues its efforts to provide well-known North American companies with solutions To counter climate change. Although the ongoing economic downturn as a result of COVID initially delayed the start-up of the 3,000 HydraGEN units promised by KarbonKleen, our company continues to offer its customers attractive financing options for the unique KarbonKleen leasing program.”

Jim Payne, President and CEO of DynaCERT, said: “dynaCERT congratulates the entire Sofina Foods team on the important steps the company is taking to contribute to sustainability with respect to climate change. DynaCERT congratulates KarbonKleen and Sofina Foods for their uncompromising approach and commitment to innovative technologies to reduce emissions. In internal combustion engines.The patented HydraGEN technology and HydraLytica program are perfect for Sofina Foods and are testament to the company’s increased efforts to help combat Sofina Foods’ dynaCERT units combat climate change, demonstrating KarbonKleen’s commitment to the environment and continued ability to find suitable customers in America. North for our carbon reduction technology.”

About DynaCERT Inc.

dynaCERT manufactures and markets carbon reduction technologies along with its proprietary HydraLytica Informatics, a real-time fuel and greenhouse gas emissions monitoring method developed to track future emissions allocations for internal combustion engine use. In the context of an increasingly important international hydrogen economy, we use our patented technology to generate hydrogen and oxygen as required using our unique electrolysis system. These gases are introduced through the air supply and improve combustion or contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. Our technology is compatible with many types and sizes of diesel engines such as those used in automobiles, refrigerated trucks, off-road construction, power generation, mining and forestry machinery, ships and railroad locomotives. Website:

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