October 1, 2022


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Dürr also automates the stamping process

According to Dor, EcoSealJet Pro can be used anywhere automation has reached its limits. (Photo: Dürr)

Address the role of this Ecocel Jet Pro The aforementioned application system in hard-to-reach places, for example in the engine compartment or in lamp pans, as well as areas where there is automatic PVC application with special profiles, holes, screws and other obstructions what should be done. To reach difficult body parts, the distance and angle of the power steering rod can be variably adjusted. So that he can apply the sealing material to the body with accuracy and consistent quality, his needle is switched individually: each needle can put the material in individual jets or drops through the application nozzles; Variable, high-frequency switching of needles depends on the speed of the robot and the amount of material to be applied.

The applicator can be used for seam geometry with a wide range of densities and widths, which without exception have sharp edges and are free from overspray. Wastage is avoided, and the individual switching of needles prevents the material from multiplying at seam joints, according to Dor. Since attachments, screws, or grooves can be omitted with the new fastener, time-consuming and material-requiring concealment and cleaning should be a thing of the past.

Dürr increases the efficiency of the equipment in general

with his idea Coating of vehicles outside of rigid line operations The company drew attention to itself only last year. A concept by which one would like to enhance the automation of the paint shop. According to Dor, a higher degree of automation, such as now in sealing, should contribute to more comfortable workplaces as well as cost efficiency and environmental protection. Plant manufacturers also focus on process improvement, allowing constant monitoring of individual components such as pumps, temperature controllers, dosing devices or valves.

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The role also relies on artificial intelligence to improve. With the help of software package DXQequiment.analytics It should be able to analyze machine data, identify quality problems in real time and improve maintenance requirements. Intelligent machine learning algorithms support maintenance and thus lead to the highest possible plant availability, as the plant manufacturer promises.