June 13, 2024


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DUBLIN: Premiere of ‘Hector’s Journey’ draws crowds to the theatre

DUBLIN: Premiere of ‘Hector’s Journey’ draws crowds to the theatre

As the thoughtful main character, Martin Enolat (front) forms the quiet center of the delightfully over-the-top nine-piece ensemble in the Mittelsachses Theater production of Hector’s Journey.

This plan worked: with the world premiere of “Hector’s Journey” at the Dubliner Theater, the director was able to attract visitors in large numbers to the premiere. Much of the production was good.

Chub. Saturday evening, shortly before the first show at the theatre: the foyer is filled with spectators, most of them middle-aged and rarely guests here. And in the middle of it all is a friendly man signing autographs: François Lelord, whose best-selling book Hector’s Journey or the Quest for Happiness is about to make its theatrical debut. There’s no doubt about it: it seems as if the Central Saxon Theater has found the Philosopher’s Stone and answered the question of how the Doppelners were brought into the open theater decades ago.

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