September 26, 2023


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Dr Disrespect celebrates the birthday of World of Tanks Blitz with you

Dr Disrespect celebrates the birthday of World of Tanks Blitz with you

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their birthday with DrDisrespect? Source:

world of tanks blitz Celebrating his birthday with Doctor disrespect at a huge party. Players can interact with Dr. Defeat disrespect in Blitz Garage, complete two special missions, and unlock rewards: resources, special mobile camouflage, avatars, and more. The Christmas event runs from June 23 to July 7.

For tankers, World of Tanks Blitz and Dr. Disrespectful for hiding an Easter egg in a Blitz co-branded video. Players can test their hunting skills, find a bonus code and use it to unlock three days of premium account.

Dr. disrespect:

“There is no better way than to celebrate a World of Tanks Blitz birthday with me. Think about it. I’ll see you in the garage.”

Arcade birthday party

The month of surprises continues with another birthday event that runs from now until June 28. Players have the chance to win a new CS-52 LIS tank and the epic camouflage of the Arcade Party Birthday by completing daily missions. Commanders can also explore the World of Tanks Blitz arcade arena using the Battle Pass modes, play and vote for the mode they prefer and earn the coveted seniority prize.

Andrey RyabovolWorld of Tanks Blitz Product Manager, said the World of Tanks Blitz team is excited to go deliver a great birthday event:

“Every year we eagerly promise many great gifts, rewards and fun activities for our players. In addition, we always use the anniversary as an opportunity to make the game more attractive by introducing new features. We hope our players enjoy the festivities. Happy Birthday to World of Tanks Blitz and thanks to our amazing community all over the world “.

A trailer for Dr Disrespect in World of Tanks Blitz is available here: