September 24, 2021


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“Downstairs 2×05 - Doppler Confusion” - TrekZone Network

“Downstairs 2×05 – Doppler Confusion” – TrekZone Network

Half of the season for the second season of Basements. Time to find out what happens this week. Warning spoilers!

Luxury Hints

One thing first: Episode 5 is full of references to previous “Star Trek” productions. Here, too, these things are not used so intrusively that you get hit with a hammer, but the whole thing works subtly in the background. It’s kind of downstairs too – especially the bar at the end is another hidden object game – but it’s almost a good thing for me personally. The references are all well and good if you use them sparingly, especially since lower floors don’t need these hints and can fend for themselves.

Without claiming to be exhaustive, we’ll list them here: the bar on the space station, kzinti in the Cerritos bar (as a reference to TAS), and another reference to TAS (the birds in the zoo, even if the species’ name doesn’t come to my mind a match), Captain Shelby (well this fits in the books, because Shelby should be the captain there in that timeframe), Okona (from TNG 2×04) and of course ‘Kirk + Spock’ carved into the bar (this will probably give slash fans a boost) ).

But enough about the references and finally the story of the episode, because there are really some beautiful scenes to see here.


This time there are only two stories, one at the station and one with the Dooplers in Cerritos. But don’t worry, our characters have enough to do in both scenarios.

Doopler somehow reminds of the good old ’80s (does anyone still remember the “Lords of Space” radio playback series?). Species multiply in emotional stress – a feast for every vulcan. Of course you can ask how should everything work physically (or in real chain?)? Are they real duplicates (after all, the mass should double) or are they just some kind of temporary image (after all, a Doppler planet can then be controlled or captured by a one-man army). Ah yes and the fact that no one has to know how to undo a double is also hard to swallow. Because if it happens in an uncontrolled way in the original world of the species, as mentioned, there will be a layer quickly in the column.

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But ok, I admit this is a high-level grumble and you just have to overlook it at this point (or wait for more episodes). After all, there are some beautiful scenes with Dooplers on board. Above all, Tindy and Rutherford get close to each other during their escape. Even Rutherford admits that he is worried about being an engineer, having lost part of his memory. In the end, teamwork turns out to be the answer, as is often the case. Even the Cerritos installed here with a wink. Would a fan really build a model with Boimler and Mariner in the window display and a throwable twist core?

Doopler teases Tendi and Rutherford (2×05 basements, CBS/Amazon)

In this case, the aforementioned solution to the crisis comes from the management room and is usually carried out with sufficient humor in the basements. It’s good that you thought about mentioning Freeman, that you’re a well-groomed starfleet, but now please let the pig out. And the crew does so with apparent pleasure.

Overall, the story is nice, but it’s not high-end and would be a bit disappointing on its own. Fortunately, there are still anavar events.

Partyleben im All

Because Boimler and Mariner set off at the station party. In doing so, Boimler cleverly uses the fact that he has a transfer copy (perhaps, in reference to Riker, he chose the first name William). However, in the end, it won’t be as easy as you imagine, because Mariner has a few old friends here who are a little resentful. (Funny: Data bubble bath.)

Although one could be divided over Mariner’s remark that station security is rotten (which is a cliched thing), the chase is quite impressive and especially gives the nondescript Jeep from “Nemesis” a kind of right to exist. It would definitely be cool to see something like this in a live action movie series. Is the man in the wheelchair with glasses actually a reference to series creator Mike McMahan?

Tracking on station, including Gorn (2 x 05 basements, CBS/Amazon)

The real highlight comes next. It begins with the entrance to the party, where Mariner and Poehmler begin arguing and it turns out that the former is not yet finished that Poehmler has gone to Titan. (By the way: isn’t “Access only from the upper class Nova” a bit discriminatory?) It ends with a drink together at the bar, as the two grow closer to each other and cement their friendship. He also mentions that battles with the Pakleds are ongoing. Let’s see how further development will be here.

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And this is not all, because after the crisis, Freeman and the like also end up in the bar – and they are immediately invited. Freeman even shares the excitement between her daughter and Poehmler. The lower decks and upper decks practically unite in a scene that could have marked the end of the season or series. The sculpted “Boimler + Mariner” in the bar is well deserved and the characters have developed well at this point. Everything is so well-fitting and typical of “Star Trek” that – for a sitcom – a series like “Discovery” could easily take a part in it.

These touching moments at the end are also what gives the episode a very good rating.


Two stories, one with the Dooplers on board the ship was a little weak, but at least it brought Tendi and Rutherford closer. On the other hand, the story in the station records special results at the end, when all the characters get close to each other and experience a real sense of connectedness, even though it is “only” the lower floors. There are no developments out of thin air here, everything here feels deserved and consistent. Therefore, the “lower floors” regain speed again with this loop at halftime.

classification: 5 out of 6 stars (5/6)

Episode info

the ring 15 (season 2, episode 5)
original title Doppler embarrassment
German title Doppler confusion
First broadcast in the USA Thursday 9 September 2021
The first broadcast in Germany Friday 10 September 2021
script Dave Elenfield and David Wright
Director Kim Arndt
jogging time 25 minutes
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