November 30, 2021


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Doubleverify acquires content targeting specialist Openslate – ADZINE

“Our strategy is to validate everywhere – across all channels, formats, platforms, and regions,” explains Mark Zagorsky, CEO of Doubleverify. “Future collaboration with Openslate fully supports this approach. Openslate’s pre-campaign solutions perfectly complement post-campaign DV measurements in CTV and social environments.”

Founded in 2012, Openslate solutions allow insight into the type and quality of ad-supported content on large video-based social platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok or Youtube. The technology evaluates videos for brand integrity and relevance and analyzes context. The company is active in 37 international markets.

“The Openslate team is very happy to be working with Doubleverify. Mike Henry, CEO of Openslate, said of the Doubleverify acquisition.

The acquisition by Doubleverify is a cash and stock transaction. After going public in April, the US company has already acquired Berlin-based ad verification firm Meetrics in order to increase its presence in Europe. The latest acquisition is intended to contribute to a major goal: “No other company will be able to offer a completely separate and integrated solution to the leading gated gardens in Social and CTV,” Zagorski says with conviction. In particular, CTVs seem to have recognized metering service providers as the next growth area, because it was only recently that rival Integral Ad Science bought into the field through the CTV advertising platform.

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