January 25, 2022


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Don't just buy an HDMI 2.1 monitor or TV

Don’t just buy an HDMI 2.1 monitor or TV

Four consecutive yearsWe were amazed by the features of HDMI 2.1 – this is for giant tube (and fixed rate signal) distribution with varying update rates (VRR), low latency automatic connections (ALLM) and, of course, 48 Gbps bandwidth. Resolution up to 10kB 120 Hz update rate depending on cable and pressure.

But today I learn it Not only that All of these features are technically optional, but the HDMI standard has a body Really encouraging TV and monitor makers – Zip, Zilch, Zero – call it “HDMI 2.1” because it has none of these.

This is the word From TFTC Medium, Who confronted the HDMI licensing authority with the news that Xiaomi was selling an “HDMI 2.1” monitor that did not support any HDMI 2.1 features, said this was a completely fair case.

This is annoying.

This means that countless people who have been encouraged to look at HDMI 2.1 products in our reviews may be fooled into future dummy protections if they do not look well with features such as ALLM, VRR or high-end updates. Rates are possible .. Even worse, they will be disappointed for no particular reason: there was an excellent version of HDMI without these features called HDMI 2.0, but HDMI Licensing Manager decided to drop the tag when the new one was introduced.

See all those “yes” in the right column? They should read “maybe”.

Very little of this is news, I see – Technically, we should know that HDMI 2.1 Marquee features are optional It’s been a while On the edge We saw many TV ships without full support. In the story of how to buy Best TV Game for PS5 and Xbox Series X, Described as “early developing pains”.

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But now it seems that the pain may be just beginning – now Xiaomi has dipped its toe in the dark and HDMI powers have expressed their support. In fact, we confirm to the HDMI Licensing Officer that Xiaomi is already doing the extension Perfect Something about him. HDMI.org spokesman Douglas Wright wrote, “Devices can no longer be certified for version 2.0.”

“Does HDMI have any ideas about the confusion it can cause to consumers?” I order by email. “We all rely on manufacturers and sellers to properly announce the features that their devices support,” says Wright.

Do you trust your manufacturer or seller and they will try to sell you as much as possible? Or do you think you can, for example, Standards Commission Should he really be responsible for creating a brand of something other than helping companies or paying them to cheat him?

“What about USB?” You may ask. Yes, we are also concerned about the USB-C brand which has only one cable Theoretically possible It lets you charge your laptop, transfer data up to 20 Gbps, connect multiple monitors, and connect to an external graphics card. The same Do not do any of the above. We saw some Similar business scams From USB – as the USB Implementer Forum abruptly decided to make USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 better for retail, calling USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 “USB 3.2 Gen 1” and “USB 3.2 Gen 2”.

But in general, I feel like USB-IF Try To calm the consumer confusion with new additions of logos and names, even if they are This makes many things possible remotely.

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Twice helping family members to understand that the number of megapixels has nothing to do with the processing speed of your phone, which is awful. Before we even consider buying cables for these devices, it is possible to provide adequate bandwidth (and in the case of USB-PD, sufficient wattage) with the very least guarantee that you will receive a standard HDMI or USB-C cable, enabling all the features of your TV, monitor, and laptop. .

Please make the best, standard settings.