September 16, 2021


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Docstation: Now Xbox Series X |  Play PlayStation Games on the S

Docstation: Now Xbox Series X | Play PlayStation Games on the S

Some prefer the PlayStation, others the Xbox. However, when it comes to the classics, almost everyone likes it. Thanks for a new prototype port DuctStation PlayStation1 XBOX Series X | Classic PlayStation captions on S consoles can now be played at 4K and 60fps.

Docstation: Now Xbox Series X | Play PlayStation Games on the S

Since the release of the new Microsoft consoles, motors have been using console developer modes to load apps and emulators. Now with a new Docstation OS prototype port Games The classics are better than ever.

Is Documentation Worth Trying?

Well, unlike other prototypes, it increases native game resolution by up to 16 times. That means titles can go up to almost 8K. Do not think that this is too complicated for consoles. In fact, the website Modern Vintage Gamer shows that even the XBOX Series S can deliver High quality 4K at 60fps. This is a good example of the power of a small console Microsoft.

Other than that, this prototype also has a texture filter so the overlay runs smoothly. In fact, when running games on this prototype, the graphic quality is very high.

Overall, the PlayStation 1 games running on 4K are beautiful. At least consider the age of these topics. Anyway, it allows you to take a trip with a lot of quality in the history of games. But more than that Modern vintage gamer Says that playing with this prototype guarantees the best experience you can get with these apps.

DuctStation Xbox

However even this prototype Available For PC and mobile devices. It is available for Android Here. You can download it for Windows and other sites Here.

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