June 25, 2022


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DLC Big Resident Evil Village: New Story, Third Person Shooter and More

Lots of new content is coming to Resident Evil Village. Source: Capcom

yesterday Capcom Gallery There have been a lot of announcements about current and upcoming games. As one of the company’s biggest franchises, Resident Evil couldn’t be missing. Comprehensive downloadable content for Resident Evil VillageWhich is scheduled to be released on October 28.

The so-called “Winters expansionIt brings not only a new story, but also a third-person view and new content for the horde mode The Mercenaries. You can either get the expansion in addition to the main game or as a bundle in the new game Resident Evil Gold Edition.

This is new

Additional Story Content: Shadow of Rose: With the Winters expansion, which of course refers to protagonist Ethan Winters by name, you’ll also get a new singleplayer campaign. In it, she plays Ethan’s daughter, Rose. The game is played exclusively in third person mode. This new story takes place 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village.

Rose Winters struggle with her terrible powers. Players must explore and survive in the distorted and mysterious world inside the mind of Megamycete in order to find a cure.

Third person mode: While the new story campaign can only be played from the outside, you can now also choose a third-person perspective as a new option for the actual main story. This shoulder camera gives you classic Resident Evil and new animations. So you can experience Resident Evil Village in a whole new way.

Additional Mercenary Orders: You get new stages and new playable characters. Now you can also compete as Chris Redfield, Heisenberg and Lady Dimitrescu. The latter offers a particularly interesting perspective given its height.

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Resident Evil Re: Verse and PSVR2

The online multiplayer game Resident Evil Re: Verse runs at the same time as the Winters expansion and is free to play for all village owners. Additionally, all PlayStation players can already look forward to the VR implementation of Resident Evil Village for PSVR2, which is also currently in development. However, this will likely appear later.

Here you can see excerpts of the show from RESI Village again:

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