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Discover the AutoFull M6 gaming chair: the ultimate throne

Discover the AutoFull M6 gaming chair: the ultimate throne

Below we present AutoFull M6, a professional gaming chair that offers comfort, durability and many features for an unforgettable gaming experience. Here are the letter points:

  • AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair
  • Rest and good posture
  • 14 customizable lighting modes
  • Perfect for professional gamers, streamers, and core gamers

AutoFull: An inspiring brand

AutoFull is a leading brand in professional esports gaming chairs and stands for the highest quality and compliance with professional standards in esports equipment. With the AutoFull M6 gaming chair, the company is introducing its current most powerful model, which has been specifically developed to provide gamers with the best possible comfort and support. The AutoFull M6 is more than just an ordinary gaming chair – it’s the throne of passionate gamers.

AutoFull M6 features

Equipped with a four-way waist protection function as well as mechanical foldable armrests, the AutoFull M6 provides an excellent combination of comfort and support. The mechanical armrests give firm support to the arms, reducing fatigue and pain during long gaming sessions. In addition, the armrests are integrated on the surface and can be connected to each other in the reclining position. According to the source of the callus, AutoFull M6 perfectly adapts to different body types.

Tilt angle and customization options

AutoFull M6 offers up to 160° tilt angle and built-in footrests, so you can find the right position for your gaming setup. It’s also skin-friendly, eco-friendly and durable – a gaming chair that will suit any gamer.

Size and comfort

The AutoFull M6 is longer and wider than most gaming chairs, making it ideal for taller gamers. This allows for comfortable and enjoyable use, regardless of the user’s body size.

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LED lighting for the ultimate gaming atmosphere

In addition to convenient features, AutoFull M6 also has 14 customizable lighting modes with five brightness and five color settings that ensure the perfect atmosphere in your gaming room. It is easy to adjust the lighting and turn your room into an atmospheric gaming environment.

Bottom line: the perfect chair for aspiring gamers

The AutoFull M6 gaming chair is an excellent choice for professional gamers and gamers who are looking for the best possible equipment to keep their gaming experience at the highest level. With so many features and customization options, AutoFull M6 is definitely the king of gaming thrones.


The AutoFull M6 gaming chair combines comfort, durability, and innovative features to offer gamers an unparalleled gaming experience. It is the ideal choice for professionals, streamers, and core gamers who want to maximize their gaming experience.

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