September 26, 2022


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Did you know that you can convert PDF files to Word?  HOW TO TRANSFER A HOT TOPIC - OTONA LIFE

Did you know that you can convert PDF files to Word? HOW TO TRANSFER A HOT TOPIC – OTONA LIFE

When talking about document creation programs for personal computers, the first thing that comes to mind is “Microsoft Word”. The user interface is very easy to understand and the functionality is intrinsic, so Word is indispensable in business. Documents created with Word can be saved to files with different extensions, so they are often converted to PDF and then attached to email messages. Is it possible to convert a PDF to Word instead?

Posted on August 8, 2022 ,Saechun @ryman_saeba1919From“I was thinking for a long time that it would be nice to be able to convert PDF to Word, but when I started Word →[開く]→[参照]→ Select the PDF file you want to convert to Word →[開く]It was a gauge out of my eye when my older man told me I could convert it to Word. “The tweet garnered more than 225,000 “likes” and became a huge topic on Twitter.

This time, I’d like to provide details about this tweet and the different opinions given in the reply column.

Click here for detailed instructions!

For those who don’t know, PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format, a file format that allows you to save the layout of data while printing it to paper. In business, invoices and purchase orders, which are likely to be printed on paper, are often created in PDF format.

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Now, let’s explain in detail how to convert the PDF file provided in the Tweet to Word.

First, open a new Word file. Select the File tab at the top and click the Open button. From the list, select the PDF file you want to open in Word.

Select the PDF file you want to convert to Word

After that, a popup appears saying “Convert PDF to editable Word document”, so press OK. The process takes some time, but just with this, your PDF file will be converted to a Word file in no time.

Second method to convert PDF to Word

When the pop-up message “Convert PDF to editable Word document” appears, click “OK”. Very easy and convenient

To make text editing easier, some improvements are made during conversion, so it might not look exactly like the original PDF file, but if it’s a file with few graphics, it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Let’s check the operating environment!

Twitter users who viewed this post said, “It’s so easy! I used to do PDF from Word, but I can do the opposite!” , “Amazing! It’s done. It’s so convenient!”

However, depending on the version of Word and the PC’s operating system, there seem to be cases where it is not possible to convert it to Word. The Saechun contributor’s environment is Windows 10 with Office 365, so if your environment is this combination, it appears to be working.

I also tried it on my PC, but I was able to convert PDF to Word successfully even with a combination of Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019. I would like everyone to try the conversion on your PC.

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Converting PDF to Excel is a bit annoying!?

Until now, many people use dedicated software to convert PDF files to Word. Of course, it is possible to convert with an accurate layout using the program, but in terms of ease of use, this method of opening from Word is the easiest. For those who are interested in small deviations, we recommend using a conversion program, and for those who are not, we recommend using this method.

I tried the same procedure to see if I can do it with Excel, but it seems impossible to convert PDF directly to Excel. In this case, it may be best to simply use a conversion program.

However, if you saved the converted Word file from PDF earlier in webpage format again, you can open it in Excel, so it’s a bit annoying, but once you go to Word, you can open the PDF without using the program. It appears that it can be converted to Excel.

Why not use this Word lifehack to save time in your work?

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