May 21, 2022


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Destruction of Allstars: An update “with really significant changes”

sports news Destruction of Allstars: An update “with really significant changes”

Despite the lack of players in Destruction Allstars, the developers at Lucid Games did not want to leave the business. An update source that brings many improvements such as eliminating ghost wins and the arrival of teams for single player modes.

Last May, Lucid Games brought a sad news about its derby game: sometimes there are no players to start the games. So the studio decided Add “bots”, An artificial intelligence that transforms the player. If we can see the excitement for the exclusive PlayStation 5 dwindling, the studio continues to water down its title with new updates.

As a testament to this, the new update has been available since last Wednesday. Lucid Games, based on player feedback, the studio chose for various changes Destruction of Allstars. Foremost among these concerns are ghost scenes: During the game, players may lose their lives for no apparent reason. A disappointing crash for gamers, which seems to have been addressed by Lucid Games. The second attack adjusts the recovery time, which leads to more collisions. A choice is justified as follows:

Cooling down on your fireball impact can be a bit frustrating as you actively try to reach your next goal. Although we want to maintain a certain level of proficiency in Destruction Allstars, we must acknowledge that moments like this often occur.

Apart from these important changes, other changes should be mentioned in the link. Season 1 has been extended and can now create teams for single player game modes (Autornado, Garnet) and new skins and cosmetics are coming.

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A big update for the team, “Destruction is a step forward for the Allstars gaming experience. The team really wanted to achieve the mark through this link and make some meaningful changes in the community.“According to George Rule (Community Manager at Lucid Games), this is not the last.

Full list of link changes

  • New high quality skins and cosmetics
  • Online teams for single player game modes
  • A new quick game list
  • Puffs for all Allstars and Hero cars
  • Redesign of two carnage maps: reduced stage size (available in a few weeks)
  • Three new premium layers of Allstar Boss
  • Shop interface redone

Source: PlayStation Blog

Destruction Allstars: An Update "Really significant changes"

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