June 25, 2022


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Deleting a Negative Amazon Review for a Fee – Unethical Offer

Deleting negative reviews on Amazon happens to charge more than many people want to admit. In November 2018, I did a test here on the blog YAMAY Bluetooth Smart Watch * Buyer. Since it really is junk, I wrote a negative review for this piece of e-waste on Amazon. Seller contact me…

It really is such a surprise because yesterday we talked about Amazon in episode 8 of our podcast. Among other things, also about purchased or fake reviews, but also sellers have already contacted me several times to delete a negative review. With a financial reward, of course. Unfortunately I did not save these offers.

Fortunately, the ugly seller gave me today YAMAY Bluetooth Smart Watch * Just like viewing an email. And I don’t want to obscure that, because it shows how things really work at Amazon.

However, from a purely legal point of view, one cannot talk about fraud here, but it remains, frankly, a fraud. No more, no less. Buyers are offered money if they delete a negative review in return. There are also cases where double payment is promised if you change the negative review to 5 stars.

So in my case it comes to the GT08 smartwatch, which you can also find under the names SW016 or YAMAY Smartwatch. Here is the link for the test report:

Here is my review on Amazon:

And here are the emails from the seller, in which I have replaced the names and email addresses with Xs for data protection reasons. For simplicity and traceability, I have included the complete mail history as a screenshot. Note the timestamp as an indication that the mail is really from today.

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Of course I did not accept this offer, because on the one hand, buyers should be protected from such rubbish and because I sent the watch back a few days later, I already got a refund from Amazon.

what do you think? Has this happened to you before? How did you react? I would be interested in that.

Peter W