May 17, 2022


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Deck-building battle game "Wildfrost" announced, with Japanese support.  Read enumerations using a randomly generated leader Card Battle --AUTOMATON

Deck-building battle game “Wildfrost” announced, with Japanese support. Read enumerations using a randomly generated leader Card Battle –AUTOMATON

Publisher Chucklefish announced on May 11 that the deck-building battle game “Wild FrostAnnounced. Supported platforms are PC / Nintendo Switch. It is due to be released this winter. It appears that this work supports the Japanese language in collaboration with Bridge Games.

Wildfrost is a deck building strategy game with roguelike elements. The world on stage has been defeated by the presence of Wild Frost and enters eternal winter. As a survivor of Snoodwell City, the last fortress, you will explore a frozen world. Build a deck by collecting different items with powerful card companions. Fight for the Temple of the Sun and save the closed world in winter.

Before embarking on an adventure, players will choose a leader and a pet. Leaders are randomly generated and have different skills and stats depending on which clan they belong to. As the adventure progresses, players can unlock and try more formations from different tribes. On the way to the trip, rescue the frozen companions and discover the treasure. It is also possible to trade with a merchant with the money obtained. Depending on the player’s choices and decisions, a unique lineup will be formed each time it is played. As a card, there are powerful friends and useful items to help in the battle. Also, each card seems to have its own characteristics. By trying different combinations of cards, players can create their own strategies. In addition, fellow cards can be made more powerful using magic.

The key to this game’s battle is the counter system. Each card has a counting deck, and as the countdown progresses, it takes an action automatically. If you pay attention to the enemy’s counting progress, you can take action early. As the count progresses, you can strengthen your allies, delay enemy attacks, and take different strategies. Alternatively, you can advance counters and attack simultaneously. Understanding counter and role control is important in the battle of this business.

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The player’s base is Snowdell City. In the city, the survivors heat up with the power of Luminous, a mysterious piece of ice that emits heat. Players can gradually expand the city by developing their adventures. Among them, facilities such as pet stores and inventors’ huts can be built. In the new expanded region, you can get cards, clans, cosmetics, challenge items, events and other adventure-friendly items.

In this work, even after defeating the frozen guardian, which is the ultimate goal, the gameplay elements are prepared. With content like daily play and challenges, you can hone your skills and update your score.

Wildfrost is developed by Will Lewis, developer at Deadpan Games, and Gaziter, art and design designer. Lewis has worked on Caveblazers and has earned “Very Famous” status from over 2,000 Steam reviews. Meanwhile, Gaziter worked on art for survival craft games like Forager. Development of “Wildfrost” in a remote system will begin in March 2020. It appears to have evolved from a paper prototype of Mr. Gazeter. Expectations are high for making games with a proven track record of development.

Wildfrost will be released on PC in the winter of 2022.steam) / Set to be released on the Nintendo Switch. Since the collaboration with Bridge Games was announced, I’d like to anticipate the local expansion of the Nintendo Switch version.