May 28, 2023


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Debian GNU / Linux: Cinnamon Desktop Future (For Now) Preserved

Debian GNU / Linux: Cinnamon Desktop Future (For Now) Preserved

Debian GNU / Linux has traditionally lived off the commitment of its developers. Many packages are now managed in teams – programs like KDE or GNOME may not be prudent to handle regardless of their size. Individuals are still responsible for other packages.

This would have disabled the popular Linux mint based cinnamon desktop. Like the current package manager Norbert Braining Announced on his blog, He currently maintains the desktop for Debian. However, according to his own report, Breening has been using KDE for a few months, and now Debian has been using KDE. He did not want to spend too much time on cinnamon.

This will not have a dramatic effect on the upcoming standard version of Debian (“Bulsey”): Cinnamon version 4.8.6 will be added to it. Cinnamon was released in early June 5 – but “Bullseye” has long been on the “feature freeze”. Cinnamon 5 would not have made this into the new version of the distribution anyway, it would have had to be released earlier. If a set is part of a standard Debian release, the concerns are currently unfounded. This is because any security updates are implemented by Debian security team and bug fixes will only end up in the “standard” branch if there is no other way.

However, the main feature of this thing is that most Debian users now tend to use the “test” branch on their desktops – because it usually provides the most up-to-date software. If no new caretaker is available for Cinnamon, the package will fly here immediately. Traditionally, it is used for major changes that require each package to be modified as soon as a new version is released. Orphan pockets are constantly falling victim to such big changes. Cinnamon will no longer be included in the standard Debian version of “Bookworm” after that.

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However, Norbert Breening’s blog post had an impact: Joshua Peaches and Fabio Fontoni met Debian Cinnamon is listed on the mailing list as the successor to Cinnamon Care. You want to look at the desktop as a group in the future. Pizza, in particular, is not new to him because he already maintains the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix and is a “contributing developer” on Ubuntu.

The new caregiver team still needs to overcome the formal barrier: Peshaw or Fontoni are not currently formally “Debian Developer” or “Debian Caregiver”; So they are not allowed to upload packages in Debian. But this is a ritual in all probability, because the devil can demonstrate the necessary abilities without any problems. Alternatively, it is conceivable that someone from the Debian community with existing upload rights could check and upload packages from both. Anyone who wants to use cinnamon in Debian will have the opportunity to do so in the future.


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