June 18, 2024


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Days Gone representative believes some of the testers have never played the game

Days Gone representative believes some of the testers have never played the game

Stay address Days passed I had to endure a lot of criticism for the release then and now again, which came worse with some testers than with the end users. The Days passed Actor Sam Witwer now thinks the game may have been unfairly rated because some didn’t actually play it.

This is the conclusion Witwer came to after reading more reviews Days passed I have read, as the essential elements are not even mentioned – for example crowd mechanics, which only comes later. In his estimation it was Days passed Played by some for a few hours but never ended

to Widower writes:

“Today I read a review for a site / post that will remain anonymous. It didn’t even mention crowd mechanics, the central element of the game. Not even. There were other novels, but it was pretty clear that this reviewer played the game for several hours and then wrote his review. But he didn’t complete it.” .

Reviews are done in a burst fashion

According to the widower he was Days passed Always designed as a very quiet game that unfolds very slowly. You have to take your time, because the best story beats and best gameplay come later in the game. In his opinion, this does not correspond to game reviews today, which are often done in the style of a rush due to fans or bans.

“These intervening journalists don’t take time. They don’t play the game on the terms the game offers, because their job is to publish an article on a certain date,” Whitwer continues.

This is an unfortunate circumstance that we can personally support. Often there are only a few days between providing review codes and getting banned, which practically forces you to play a game in a hurry. This is why we long ago abandoned this approach if it was not possible at all.

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A widower finally adds:

“I think this is not only a shame, but it is also misleading for actual players who want to read a real review of what we did.”

Hope for 2 days passed There is however, on the one hand, a requirement through a successful petition, and on the other hand, dependent upon the commercial success of the PC version.

Our impressions, too Days passed, Which was definitely not perfect at the time, but still belongs to one of the best games of the PS4 generation, can be found in our review at the time.