May 21, 2022


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Daniil Medvedev explains his success over Alexander Zverev by the fact that he “understands his game well”

“I just won his fifth win in a row against Alexander Zverev. What is the secret to his beating?
As you know, every game is different. Against the top 10 players we can lead a streak, but we may also be under the lead. There are games he’s controlling, and others where it’s me, but it’s always tight. Maybe I understand his game a little better.

Your next opponent should have been Matteo Berrettini, but he lost. But you will still encounter an Italian in the person of Jannik Sinner.
Yannick is in great shape and has won many matches. He could have gone to the leaders of the next generation, but he chose to come here as an alternative. He’s doing really well because he’s going to be the first master. We’ll see how he’ll manage it because the first master’s degree isn’t always easy. But it will certainly benefit him in terms of experience. And in front of his audience, he will necessarily be excited.

The Davis Cup is approaching (from November 25th) and you should still be in contention this weekend in the Masters Tournament. Have your plans changed?
No. If I don’t get hurt and feel good, I’ll play in the Davis Cup. And I think we can consider Russia the preferred candidate. “

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