June 28, 2022


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DALL-E 2 and its disruptive potential

Admittedly, you still have to think about technology a few more moments, but the next logical step is to automatically create entire videos according to your own ideas. Despite smartphones, it takes a lot of effort to produce professional videos yourself – scenes have to be lit, actors find and video edited. Much better would be a solution that eliminates all that effort and automatically produces entire video sequences. The type of commercials is probably best suited for this, as the need for them is growing along with the thriving video-based apps like TikTok. By the way, this idea is not entirely far-fetched: Berlin-based startup Zebracat is already working on a solution that uses artificial intelligence to edit video material contained in ad videos. Michael Baumgartner, co-founder of Zebracat, sees great start-up opportunities: “Videos do better online than photos. In online marketing, on average, you see 20 to 30 percent higher conversion rates and two to three times higher click-through rates. times for videos compared to photos. It takes massive automation to take advantage of this opportunity.”

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