September 26, 2023


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Correcting a viral VFX bug in 'House of the Dragon' by HBO - The Hollywood Reporter

Correcting a viral VFX bug in ‘House of the Dragon’ by HBO – The Hollywood Reporter

Failed visual effects from the last episode of Dragon House almost HBO.

during the Game of thrones The third episode of the previous series titled “Second of His Name”, which aired on Sunday, viewers spotted an error in the visual effects during a scene showing King Viserys, as he played him. Buddy Considine. The character lost two fingers on his left hand, but in one scene, the fingers were visible and wrapped in a green cap to be removed digitally later.

The Hollywood Reporter A source familiar with the situation has learned that the episode will be patched, with the remastered version hitting streaming platforms later in the week.

This scene reminded social media users of the celebrity Game of thrones A moment from the fourth episode of the final season that aired in 2019, when a Starbucks cup was accidentally left on a table in a scene.

Dragon House Participate in the show Ryan Condall Tell THR Before the start of the first season, the show’s cast was keen to prevent a similar incident. He said sarcastically that the series had a “very censored cast – there were a lot of searches for Starbucks”.

still from Dragon House The scene below.

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