June 25, 2022


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Cooking – KartausenBräu Games: a new team and proven art of brewing

Created on June 19, 2022 | 06:02

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Master brewer Sebastian Dürer (right) and his apprentice David Schnabel want to win several awards and prizes for Gaminger Kartausenbräu.

Claudia Christ

BRaumeister Sebastian Dürer and trainee David Schnabel endorsed the art of brewing at Kartause Gaming.

Beer has been brewing at Kartause Gaming since 2008. Master brewer Harald Tiefenbacher brought in Sebastian Dürer as a boost at the end of 2019. After leaving Tiefenbacher in April of this year for self-employment, Dürer filled bottles with the noble brew with his student David Schnabel. Kartausenbräu stickers have recently been decorated with an additional logo, the emblem of the Austrian Private Breweries Association. As it is known, this was founded the fall of the previous year and currently has about 30 members, including the Gaminger Brewery. “The motto ensures maximum value addition in your country and represents fun filled with diversity and a true Austrian brewing culture,” explains Dorrer, who strives for the AMA Quality Seal as his next goal. This ensures that all of the drink’s ingredients come from the region. “We should definitely be ready by the end of next year,” Dürer says.

The utilization rate at the brewery, which was newly opened and renovated in 2019, is currently less than 100 percent. “The reason for this is the lack of exports to Italy and the USA due to high transportation costs,” explains the 31-year-old brewer, who spent his apprenticeship at the Haselbräu brewery in Münichreith (Malek district). The goal is clear to him: the art of regional brewing, a better prize. Thus six of his beers have already been introduced to the “Beer Star,” and Dorrer adds: “State championships are held in the fall.”