July 1, 2022


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Conference in Parndorf – State boards want to strengthen protection for young people in games

Minister of State for Youth Claudia Blackholm (ÖVP) has announced that regulations for individual federal states will be harmonized and a separate task force will deal with the Framework Conditions for the Games. Volunteer work and psychosocial support were also topics of the conference.

After digital games fully reach the daily lives of young people, appropriate protection is required for young people. “The time has come for that, because anyone who discusses the terms of the Games Framework within five years can announce the results by fax immediately,” Plakolm emphasized.

said Daniela Winkler (SPÖ), youth advisor for Burgenland. More emphasis should be placed on volunteering and the Volunteer Social Year in the future.

Vienna Deputy Mayor Christoph Federcker (NEOS) has announced the focus on LGBT issues. “In Vienna, we are currently working on setting up the first queer youth center in Austria to give spaces to LGBT youth where they can be themselves,” he said.

Parallel to the state youth officials conference, a youth conference also took place in Parndorf on Friday. 50 young people from all over Austria were able to participate in their subjects. Their results were presented to the provincial councils and discussed together.

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