January 25, 2022


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Co-op and Kirby and the Forgotten World on Switch - Teller Report Release Date

Co-op and Kirby and the Forgotten World on Switch – Teller Report Release Date

During the Nintendo Direct in September, there was a little more information than the brand new video, rather than the previous look of the game. For the little pink ball, this time it would be a question of releasing the vodka dees imprisoned by the Beast Bake. Following the guidance of the butterfly spirit Elf, Kirby descends into a new world where nature and past civilization seem to merge. A large Urbex operating system to check every stage of the game and store as many small comrades as possible.

The master of the past in copying and modifying, Kirby, can rely on a number of skills, including drilling, to dig through the ground and surprise enemies, as well as the power of Explorer and the ability to target an enemy at a distance. As mentioned above, the miniature will work in conjunction with Bandana Vadil Dee, who is always ready to punch enemies with the tip of the spear – however, if we believe Nintendo’s details, the local co-op will only be in practice. Same machine.

In the same way, we understand that adventure revolves around the same Center, Waddle Dee Town, a “nerve center”, will welcome new features and release Waddle Dees as you progress. New stores will be opened with mini-games as they can help Kirby Cafe, for example, to get a better score. The sage Vadil Dee will give advice in the heart of the village to those who wish to listen. Finally, the online features, if you subscribe to the Nintendo Switch online, will allow you to share with players some information such as the total number of recovered Wattle Tees in the world or the currently most popular capability.

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In short, quietly considering the character’s 30th birthday, especially the celebrations that open with wallpaper, you can enjoy some lines above or directly At this address