October 24, 2021


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Clemence Castel (Koh Lanta) and Marie: the couple communicated during the game, 15,000 km away!

to turn around Koh Lanta, the legend, a season that celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the survival game, called ProductionBestAmong the twenty adventurers in the cast, Clemence Castle. The beautiful light-eyed brunette has already participated in the program three times – appeared as a big winner Koh Lanta: The Pacific Ocean and 2005 et al Koh Lanta: Battle of Heroes In 2018 – as a new woman it is she who plans this fourth adventure. It must be said that her life has changed: she is now in a relationship with Marie, having spent twelve years with her former companion Matteo Johan.

Throughout her adventure, Clemence Castel undoubtedly thought seriously of her two sons, Louis (11) and Marine (7), who were born out of her previous relationship with the ex-candidate of star Academy (Season 4, 2004). His companion Mary was also in his thoughts. Far from the eyes, but close to the heart. Moreover, the young woman at a distance and in her own way lived her own adventure, while Clemence Castel overcame restlessness and various experiences, both physical and moral.

During a question and answer session with her Instagram followers on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, the double winner Koh Lanta I was asked how Mary felt during the adventure. “I found that I did my best to overcome the unfavorable conditions! And I can see in her eyes that she is proud of me“The young woman is divorcing the mother of 37. And to make it clear that they finally struggled together despite the kilometers between them:”It’s time to go home I lost as many pounds as me during my absence !

The separation was difficult for the spouses. Recall that in 2019, Clemence Castel and Marie fell in love with each other, and since then, they have not left each other. This is the fourth Koh Lanta It marks a turning point in the life of Apprentice Robinson, who is determined to take responsibility in the game as in everyday life. This is how she formalized her relationship with her beautiful – and at the same time made it – out – last July, right before the show aired. Koh Lanta, the legend. A month later, in August 2021, the couple entered into a partnership in the utmost secrecy!

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