December 6, 2021


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Chaos Theory, and we shouldn’t miss it

Ubisoft is offering the PC version of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory until November 25. This is the best episode of the famous epic that fell into oblivion.

Ubisoft regularly offers video games. As shown by son shop, it is possible to recover the PC version of The Cell Splinter: Chaos Theory Until November 25 (3pm French time). This production released in 2005 usually sells for 9.99 euros. This important initiative was organized as part of Ubisoft’s 35th anniversary.

to recover The Cell Splinter: Chaos Theory Without paying anything, just go to this is the address And follow the instructions. You will of course have to make sure that you have a Ubisoft Connect PC account to be able to use it (setup, of course, is simple and free). ” You can then turn it on at will ยป, specifies Ubisoft.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory // Source: Ubisoft

Why should you play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?

The third composition of the famous saga is built around the charismatic character Sam Fisher, The Cell Splinter: Chaos Theory It is definitely the best of the saga. It collects all the attributes of its predecessors (real place left to sneak to eliminate enemies, super successful light and shadow effects, etc.) and refines a formula with better storytelling and more open environments.

On Metacritic, a reference site that gathers the opinions of the press and the public, we can see that The Cell Splinter: Chaos Theory Gets the best result: 94 out of 100 (Xbox version). Its predecessors were satisfied with a score of 93 out of 100 (which is already very good). Note that afterChaos Theory It was more complicated for Splinter Cell: The opus to license double agentAnd conviction And Black list The quality has dropped dramatically, to the point where no new sequel has been released since 2013 (despite the insistence of fans who want something other than the Netflix series). Briefly, The Cell Splinter: Chaos Theory It’s another really excellent splinter cell.

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Will Your PC Run Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?

The Cell Splinter: Chaos Theory Since it is a very old video game, your PC today will not have a hard time running it under very good conditions.

Here are the configurations recommended by Ubisoft :

minimum Recommended
Healer Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz processor Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon 2.2 GHz processor
Graphics Card GPU 64 Mo (DirectX 9.0) GPU 128 Mo (DirectX 9.0)
RAM 256 mu 512 mu
OS Windows 2000 / XP Windows 2000 / XP
hard disk 4 go 4 go

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