February 23, 2024


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Cembra digitizes savings products using Finstar technology

Cembra digitizes savings products using Finstar technology

Zurich – Cembra now offers savings accounts and medium-term bonds digitally. The bank uses Finstar open banking platform technology for this purpose. Mortgage Bank Lenzburg also supports Cembra with customer support services.

You can open a savings account or subscribe to medium-term bonds Kimbra New digitally. The listed Swiss bank has software modules of its open banking platform for this purpose Finstar Integrated into your banking system. Mortgage Bank Lenzburg and Cembra announced this today.

This means that new customers can now open a savings account with Cembra digitally, and if they wish, they can also invest in medium-term bonds with terms ranging from two to ten years. “Thanks to our open architecture and diverse interfaces, we were able to adapt our solution to Cembra in a short time and connect it to your existing systems,” says Patrick Vogt, President of Finstar Professional Services.

Standardized integration of banking services
Finstar implemented the new modules at Cembra in the second half of last year. Finstar's open banking platform has an open interface architecture with over 300 endpoints for multiple banking services. Individual services can be modularly integrated into the systems of external banks or fintech companies. “With the case of Cembra, we achieved modular integration at record speed,” says Vogt.

As part of the cooperation with Cembra, Kreditarbank Lenzburg also supports payment transactions and customer support tasks. “We look forward to a successful cooperation with Cembra,” says Manuela Spielmann, Head of Services at Kreditarbank Lenzburg. (HBL/MC)