December 1, 2022


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Nik P.

CD review: Nik P. – Seelenrausch

Seelenrausch – Nik P.’s new album introduces 14 new titles, which should make the conscious experience more real and tangible for all of us. The successful singer-songwriter shows the full scope of his musical work, from deep skepticism to ruthless optimism and always with high demands on his lyrics.

Nik P. fans had to wait 4 years, and now it’s time again, the creative songwriter from Carinthia is releasing his new studio album. The fact that they had to wait so long had something to do with the pandemic, as Nick B said: “I wanted to write songs that convey serious, cheeky, happy content without disturbing my fans with the pandemic.” Nick manages to address many thoughts and feelings on the new album, also manages to deal with serious issues with a pleasant musical background.

14 Songs From Nik P. Make You Think!

For example, he was also interested in what man makes of the earth, which he sings about in the song “Da um zu Leben”. “We are in the world to live – and what do we do? We are destroying our land. The song is a statement for thinking about why we really are here.” The topic of where we come from or we are all under the sun is addressed in the song. The melody of “He who divides the colors” is very thoughtful, but the text is also written for listeners who like to think. Fate, loss, and opportunity in life are the themes of the song and who paints the illustrated book of life in color. Side by Side sounds more dynamic, but also tells a life story about a meeting that we hope will lead together into the future. The stars are very important to Nick B, as in the new song “Die Sterne sind gut.” Frame moonlight, rest time and rock music with old stories in the title bar. “You are still here” is the search for the meaning of life and the value of a partner on our side.

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As usual, love plays a huge role in Nick B.’s music.

One’s lonely life is the theme of “Der Clochard”, the beautiful charisma of the person and the perfect way of living and love is the theme of “Because you love how you live”, and this title is also one of those danceable like “Can I be the man of your dreams”, doubting In himself as to whether he can be really lucky and he is the chosen one. A smile can move a lot, Nick sing “It Could Be Greater” and tears of joy and laughter or absolute love, especially when you’re truly in love. Nik P. wants to cuddle, kiss and much more in “Sleep with you”. Perhaps the song “Das Meer, der Wind und du” was created during the last summer vacation, telling about the wonderful time at sea with good music and DJ music. The perfect raspberry ice cream should help out in the romantic moonlight, and is “raspberry ice cream and one night table.” Of course the new album shouldn’t miss a compliment to someone special, with “Deine Art” it worked so well. “Some Die Young” again is one of the most thoughtful but also one of the most beautiful titles on “Seelenrausch” and celebrates the fervor of an unknown street musician with fiddle and great idols in Nick B’s life.

Nick B.: Soul Rush – Conclusion

Nick B’s new album “Seelenrausch” is a journey through mountains and valleyMusically and lyrically, it is perhaps one of the most thought-provoking albums of his career. The catchy lyrics and beautiful melodies in Nik P.’s typical voice will inspire all the fans and make them listen to the album often. Almost half of the 14 tracks are music to relax, listen to and dream about, and the other half will definitely be heard in discos or clubs. In general, a successful musical work with a lot of scripts to think about.

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