February 8, 2023


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CD Review: Fiction – In the Midst of Fire

Many have been eagerly waiting for it and now the new album “Mitten im Feuer” by the hit duo Fantasy is finally here with 14 new tracks.

Fantasy is really hot with their new album!

“reversion, […] In a modern voice”, Martin Heine and Freddy Malinowski of Fantasy described the style of their new album “Mitten im Feuer” on their homepage. Although their fans were already eagerly awaiting the pop singer’s new music for their 25th anniversary last year, he decided The two spend a few more months on their new album. “In the Midst of the Fire” is a perfect continuation of “Songs of Our Lives.” With songs like “Take Off Your Clothes and Stay”, “Every Teardrop Makes You Strong” or “Denkst du an sich” they once again prove their skills as songwriters. And they provide a wonderful soundtrack of dreaming, dancing and love.

“Honey, yes still.”

For the 25 years that Martin and Freddie have been on stage together, they have been able to celebrate incredible success. In addition to selling more than two million records, they have already reached number one in the charts five times and several gold and platinum awards in Germany and Austria. Not all of it seemed to be of as much value to the two successful champions as the live performances and time spent by their fans. That’s why they’ve put together a special surprise album for their loyal buddies: a song that’s basically made up of lines from Fantasy’s greatest hits. At the same time as the album’s release, they released the music video for “Dear ones, yes‘, a song that made Martin and Freddie cry in the studio over the multiple shared memories and experiences.

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Fantasy living experience

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The new year for popular artists begins with several album promotional dates. It was especially important to Fantasy that their fans also be there live on many of the stops on their autograph session tour and celebrate new songs with them. Speaking of celebration: The big 25th anniversary celebration will probably be made up in September. We are already looking forward to it!

Author: Schlagerportal / N. Holzner
Photo: Telamo/Sandra Ludwig