May 17, 2022


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CD review: Calimeros – Sommersterne

With their new album, Calimeros 14 presents a sparkling “Summer Star”. The successful hit trio from Switzerland are in the perfect mood for the upcoming summer, and once again Calimeros presents an album with “Sommersterne” that makes every pop’s heart beat faster.

With the new album “Sommersterne” Calimeros takes the listener to the most beautiful places in the world. Calimeros travels to Hawaii with “Waikiki Blue” and provides a great sense of the South Sea. Then Roland Eberhart, Andy Rynert, and Andy Steiner stopped on the Pacific Coast of California with the song Mein Girl von Malibu before continuing the musical journey to Spain. There is a perfect party atmosphere in Ibiza, the trio dedicating a true declaration of love to the beautiful Balearic island – including a singing guarantee. But Calimeros also visit the Spanish mainland, with the triple-hit “Engel von Granada” being a guest in Andalusia.

Love is also not neglected in Calimeros’ new album!

in the new Calimero album Songs also play an important role again, because love is the most common theme in Schlager’s world. The “love ship” sails from Calimeros and sails at night. But the Calimeros also focus on love in When Your Heart Burns or Aus Libby. With the song “Josephine”, the successful Swiss trio presents focused passionate passion and with the typical Calimeros voice and also with the song “Sommersterne” Roland Eberhart, Andy Rynert and Andy Steiner is typical of a large emotional galaxy.

Calimeros: Summer Stars – Finale

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With Calimeros presents “Summer Stars”. Another great album that makes every heart of Schlager beat faster. Band leader Roland Eberhart has taken the pen himself for several titles and then given the songs typical Calimeros style. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be carried away to faraway lands, Calimeros is totally successful with her new album. Calimeros’ “Summer Stars” not only shine in Hawaii or Malibu, but the trio takes the listener to Spain. The fact that many of the new Calimeros songs can be danced to perfection will also contribute to the success of the new production. So put on your new Calimeros album, and enjoy it or dance to it on a warm summer evening. There is something for every Schlager fan!

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Author: Schlagerportal
Photo: Telamo/Beat Hug