June 13, 2024


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Bernhard Brink, Lieben und leben

CD Review: Bernard Brink – Love and Live

With “Lieben und Leben”, Bernhard Brink released a new album in which the Schlager singer introduces 15 songs and “Schlager-Titan hit mix” as a bonus. For nearly 5 decades, Bernard Brink has been able to impress the Schlager world, and as a singer or host of his own TV shows such as “Die Schlager des Monats”, successfully submitted by Schlager-Titan month after month.

Love also plays an important role in Bernhard Brink’s new album, as love is the most popular theme in songs. With “Brennendes Herz” one cannot escape the wild fire that this address ignites within a few bars. Each Slagger fan will confirm that Bernard Brink has a “heart made of titanium” with the song of the same name, and the new titles are simply “heart traveled”. The title of the song “Lieben und Leben” proves that the grip, extreme abstinence and depth of content on this album necessarily go hand in hand.

Bernhard Brink delivers “Schlager-Titan-HeatX”!

As an extra hat Bernhard Brink “Schlager-Titan-Hitmex” Packed in his new album “Lieben und Leben”. Here, the striking giant, soon to be celebrating its fiftieth onstage, offers new interpretations of landmark hooks such as “Life Only Starts 17”, “Once Around the World” or “I Never Returned to Heaven.” With “Schlager-Titan-Hitmix”, Bernhard Brink introduces half a dozen classics within a few minutes and embarks on a musical journey through time through the song’s history.

Bernard Brink: Love and Living – Conclusion

Bernhard Brink has established himself at Schlager for 5 decades and is one of the most sought-after artists on the scene, and now the great singer and presenter is providing the spotlight on his career with “Lieben und Leben”. Which – which Bernard Brink has a knack for success The Striking Giant has proven itself often enough in the past. Also on the new album “Lieben und Leben”, Bernhard Brink offers a wealth of songs that are sure to convince her for decades to come. So we wish you Bernhard Brink’s new album “Lieben und Leben”!

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Author: Schlagerportal
Photo: Telamo / Robert Recker