March 2, 2024


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CD review: Bernard Brink – 50

Bernhard Brink has been on stage for 50 years, reason enough for the anniversary album that SCHLAGERportal has listened to. Schlagertitan’s new work puts an end to new titles as well as old classics.

Those who don’t know them are the great classics that Bernhard Brink actually hit the ZDF show in the ’70s and ’80s. The pop giant is now streaming a selection of the best titles from that time to 2022, so all fans can look forward to hit songs from that time, like “Love on Time” – one of the greatest hits of the early years, “Frei und burnt” Or ‘Blondes Wunder’ or ‘I’d Like to Be Like You’. Great dance and party numbers that shouldn’t be missing on any DJ playlist and that shine alongside current titles and the new album “50”. True to the motto “It Always Goes On”, as with the first title of his new album, Bernhard Brink marks his anniversary and surprises with new titles, old songs in a new look, but also with some duets. Together with Erin Scherr, he re-recorded the song “You Go On” with Art Garfunkel Jr. “You’ll Never See Tears” and with Sonia Liebing as the Xtrem Sound Mix “She looked at me once.”

The Bernard Brink Classics are a hit in 2022!

We particularly noticed some classics that look very modern in the 2022 edition and will surely fill disco dance floors across the country. Of course, “Blondes Wunder” is part of it, with a new beat and a new interpretation, it’s hard to believe that the song is over 30 years old. Number one from ZDF’s hit parade – “I’d Like To Be Like You” – since the time Bernhard still had curly blonde hair and a superbly modernized stand-up collar. Or with “Frei und burnt” celebrated a hit in 1979, appeared in “Disco”, “ZDF-Hitparade” and other TV shows and inspired audiences with it, which will also work with the current version, there is a lot of modern rhythm and discofox in it.

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Bernhard Brink: 50 – Conclusion

Music advice and top recommendations

hit cuddle
Monique - Allure of the Heart
Strasser harmonica

the new Album “50” for the anniversary of Bernhard Brink It is a production that reviews the work of his entire musical life. It’s great to listen to the songs, they are very danceable and even those titles that were first released over 30 or 40 years ago have been professionally brought here and now. We really liked the album and fans of Bernhard Brink will love it.

Photo: Telamo/Lars Lyon