January 25, 2022


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Wegen Chipmangel: Canon muss seine Druckerpatronen ohne Chips bauen

Canon must build its printer cartridges without chips ›Dr. Windows

The global and current chip crisis has led to higher prices and significantly longer delivery times for many products. Like everything else in life, the chip crisis has its good sides: Canon has to change the production of its printer cartridges.

Many years ago Canon fitted its printer cartridges with small chips. Obviously, this was done for the benefit of the customer and, of course, to ensure that the printer works better. In fact, Canon wanted to prevent the use of cartridges from other manufacturers, which are often considerably cheaper.

As Of Neo Canon is now proving itself in crisis that it can work without these chips. You leave them alone. On its Australian page, the company has the following statement Published:

ToThe global shortage of semiconductor chips affects the distribution of many electronic devices and some accessories. Affected parts include toner cartridges for Canon commercial printers and multifunction devices (MFDs).

To[..] Canon has created innovations around the chip shortage to ensure that our customers continue to deliver toner cartridges to ensure that they never miss a print. Canon began manufacturing syphilis toner cartridges. While there are some inevitable but minor changes for our customers, you can still print normally.

If cartridges without chips are used, some functions such as the level indicator are no longer available. Additionally, in this support article, Canon explains how to recognize or ignore associated error messages from devices.