June 23, 2024


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CAMPFIRE is currently implementing the incense development project inspired by the sky “Who is it?”  and “Aima ga Toki”.

CAMPFIRE is currently implementing the incense development project inspired by the sky “Who is it?” and “Aima ga Toki”.

Lifestyle brand `Fukyou' is conducting crowdfunding on CAMPFIRE to develop a new product `Incense He is Who Ji/Ouma ga Toki' with a gradient sky theme that makes you feel the passage of time.

The campaign will run until June 30 (Sunday) and will be on an all or nothing basis*, so if you are interested in this product, please come and try it out.

New product 'Fukio', incense development project

“Fukyou” is a lifestyle brand based on the concept of “Enjoying Japanese Aesthetic Sense”. Currently, they sell original scented candles and vases, but are considering launching incense as their third product.

The incense burner has the theme of the beautiful gradient of the sky that appears as the time changes from evening to night and from night to morning) and the incense is created to match the images of two types of sky.

The incense itself is finished in a gradient color, letting you feel the slow flow of time while burning. I want to enjoy the slow flow of time with the original fragrance.

“Who is he?” Inspired by the mysterious sky at dawn.

One of the incense themes, “ho wa doji,” refers to a time when it is too dark to see people or objects clearly, especially at dawn.

This incense is a fragrance that expresses the mysterious world that can be sensed from the sky. “Who is he?”

The image is of a slightly bluish pre-dawn sky seen from deep in the mountains, evoking a dreamlike scene dimly lit by sunlight coming from the eastern sky.

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“Who is he?” It will be directed by Marine and Ylang Ylang

“He is Who Ji” incense expresses a slightly bluish sky with seawater and ozone.

The clear air of early morning, the mystical aura and the power of the sun as it rises bring out notes of eucalyptus, lavender, marjoram and aromaoise.

Ylang ylang and jasmine will take you to another world.

The dusk sky creates an eerie atmosphere, “Uma Ga Toki”

The other theme, “Oma ga Toki,” refers to the time of sunset. In the past, it was believed that when the time of uma came, monsters and demons would begin to move, and great disasters would occur.

The red sky at dusk, “Oma ga Toki'', emanates a somewhat ominous spirit, creating an eerie atmosphere. Incense expresses this ominous and strange view of the world through smell.

The elegant and captivating “Ouma ga Toki”.

Ouma ga Toki combines balsamic notes of vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin with smoky notes of amber and tobacco, giving it immense depth.

A sensual and dynamic Ylang Ylang fragrance accented with spices such as nutmeg and ginger, creating an evening sky of enchantment and elegance.

Both types of incense come in a pack of 20 and measure 9cm in length (burn time is approximately 20 minutes). In addition to incense, you can also choose a “Fukio” vase or aromatic candle as a return item. Feel free to share.

CAMPFIRE project page:https://camp-fire.jp/projects/757219/preview?token=1o3lgu42&utm_campaign=cp_po_share_c_msg_mypage_projects_show

PR times:https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000006.000120453.html


* This is a project return that cannot be implemented unless the target amount is achieved. If the target amount is not achieved, the support funds will be returned to the supporters.
*Returned items are scheduled to ship in October, but if they become available earlier than planned, they will be shipped in sequence.

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