January 25, 2022


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Campeonato Catarinense will broadcast all matches via NSports – 01/12/2022

NSports, in partnership with the Catarinains Football Association, has announced that the tournament will be broadcast for the fourth consecutive year in 2022. The important news compared to previous years will be the broadcasting of 100% of the tournament matches on the channel.

The Santa Catarina Championship reaches its 98th edition, starting on January 23. There will be 12 teams in search of the trophy, currently in the hands of Avai. The dispute format will be the same as the year before. In the first stage, all the clubs face each other, with the top eight qualifying for the knockout stage, while the last two are relegated to the second division of the tournament. The seeded clubs face each other in home and away matches in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final to determine the champion.

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With the new naming rights, renamed CatarinenseFort.TV, the channel has prepared special coverage. By purchasing the Catarinense FORT 2022 Pay-Per-View package, fans will be able to review the best moments and key moves of matches, as well as being able to vote for the star of the game and choose the month and goal. Tour through social networks. It is a one-time payment and covers the entire tournament, not a monthly subscription. Payment can be made by PIX or credit card and divided into four installments.

Fans who choose to purchase individual games can access CatarinenseFort.TV through the website (https://catarinensefort.tv/) or via the NSports app available on Android and IOS versions.

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The participants in this edition of the Catarinense are: Avaí, who this year returns to Série A from Brazil, who enters the field to defend the Regional Championship, Chapecoense and Brusque, state representatives in Série B of the Brazilian Championship, Traditional Figueirense (Series C) and Joinville , in addition to Concordia, Marsilio Dias, Barra, Camporic, Prospera, Hercilio Luiz and Juventus. You can follow the full coverage of Campeonato Catarinense at Esporte News Mundo.