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Butterfly?  wings?  foldable!  ?  #MadebyGoogle teaser video released – Jetstream BLOG

Butterfly? wings? foldable! ? #MadebyGoogle teaser video released – Jetstream BLOG

made by google
  • Sweden/Netherlands/Norway Google has released a teaser video titled “#MadeByGoogle Ad Event” at once
  • The content that the delivery person from Google will send an invitation to the ‘MadeByGoogle Ad event’
  • What’s more, when the invitation is opened, butterflies flutter, a useful mechanism (signaling the advent of the foldable Google Pixel?)

On October 1, 2022 (Saturday), Swedish / Dutch / Norwegian Google companies will hold an official announcement event of a new Google product on Thursday October 6, 2022 at 23:00.#MadeByGoogle launch eventThe teaser video for “Once.

In the teaser video released this time around, although the characters are different for each company, a Google delivery man wears a T-shirt with the logo “G (Google)” riding a bicycle with a basket full of flowers and sends the user “#MadeByGoogle It’s a uniform with go-to-delivery invitation content for advertising event.

Google delivery person

What’s interesting in each teaser video is that when the user opens the folded invitation they received from the delivery person in Google, the butterfly craft made will dance. Words like “butterfly” and “wing” are used in the title of the teaser video, and the summary section even includes the sentence “Something special is coming on October 6th.” Of course everyone who opened the invitation was surprised.

When you open the invitation card, a “butterfly” will dance

Google already hasteaser videoAs you all know, the “#MadeByGoogle announcement event” will be held in May 2022 at the developer event”Google I/O 2022The new generation of the Google Pixel smartphone was unveiled for the first time in「Pixel 7」 「Pixel 7 ProAnd the new Wear OS smartwatchgoogle pixel watch”, and its existence was confirmed by the “FCC” certificate, etc.Nest WiFi ProIt is almost certain that new Nest-branded smart home products will also be announced such as “. In addition, the “Pixel tabletAt ‘Google I/O 2022.’ But these are things you can expect.

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Under the circumstances, a teaser video was released for the “#MadeByGoogle Announcement Event”, which advertises “special things” with “butterflies” and “wings”. This could be something else… and as a surprise, it may indicate that the previously rumored Google Pixel foldable smartphone with foldable screen will be officially announced or unveiled.

The new generation of Google Pixel smartphones “Pixel 7” and “Pixel 7 Pro”, the new Wear OS smartwatch “Google Pixel Watch”, and the official “#MadeByGoogle Announcement Event” for new Nest products will be held on October 6, 2022 JST ( Thursday) from 23:00. Finally next week. My heart is beating from now on.


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