January 25, 2022


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BSI introduces new biometric technology – also planned for border control (video)

See the video: One step ahead of counterfeiters – BSI demonstrates the latest biometric technology.

Fighting crime depends on technology. Modern technology such as biometric technologies for example. Authentications using fingerprints or facial recognition instead of a PIN or password – measurement methods that recognize characteristics directly on people. “Biometrics is penetrating more and more areas in consumer electronics, that is, in normal use, but also in the field of official documents, think of a biometric passport, for example, the point is that of course we are always in a race with their attackers and here in this position We want to be at the forefront of the attack,” says Arne Schönbaum, head of the Federal Office for Security and Information Technology, or BSI for short. Together with the Bonn-Rhein-Sage University of Applied Sciences, the British Standards Institute is developing the latest biometric technology and presented it on Wednesday in Sankt Augustin. The more methods are used, the greater the risk of abuse. However, at the Biometric Assessment Center, a sensor technology has been developed that can detect whether it is skin or another substance. The 3-D-Finger project is working on creating a 3D fingerprint. Deeper skin structures are also scored, making counterfeiting more difficult. In addition, new 3D cameras are being checked for suitability for facial verification, in particular for detecting forgery. Among other things, this is used for border control. “We in Germany are of course very interested, just as in the European Union, that we have very high standards, that we can reliably identify who was inside and who is behind it, which is why it works here in the end, because EU crimes You never sleep and also see that this is one of the potential business models.” There are already electronic gates in the assessment center, as we know them from airports, that work with biometric detection and counterfeiting techniques.

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