September 30, 2023


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Britney Spears fans are crazy because she didn’t perform with Elton John at Glastonbury

Britney Spears fans are crazy because she didn’t perform with Elton John at Glastonbury

Britney Spears Fans

PO’d it not show Glastonbury…

On the set of Elton John

Glastonbury has come and gone – and with it, so do your dreams Britney Spears Fans disappeared…that’s after they expected to see her take the stage.

Elton John Themed Sunday, and during his set… there was a lot of chatter online that maybe Britney would come out and perform with him as a special guest. The song everyone thought they’d sing together… Their 2022 collaboration, “Hold Me Closer.”

As the show went on, it became clear to people… that BS wasn’t going to show up. It became more clear when Brandon flowers Scouted for “Tiny Dancer”.

the Interactions They were so funny – the folks at Bird were (jokingly?) Even in arms About the fact that her BF was tapped instead of Britney… and that all the expectation amounted to nothing.

If Britney hadn’t shown up and wasted two hours of my life watching Elton John’s concert…

– Conor (@conormckenna101) June 25, 2023

It is unclear why they thought it would reach Glastonbury in the first place… There were no concrete reports it would ever happen.

As for Britney herself… she just got back from a vacation in Mexico – and she’s been busy posting her usual spam on I.G On Sunday, she gave no real indication that she was ready to grab the mic or perform in front of thousands of people out of nowhere.

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that it probably won’t go down… maybe even forever. As we’ve reported (again and again) – so did Britney No real use to step into the spotlight again… even though she’s gearing up for a recording comeback.

In other words, all fans hoping to see her alive and in the flesh again will likely be let down. Britney didn’t venture out into the public anymore.

Another sign that this Britney pipe dream won’t show up at Glastonbury – the fact that she’s barely audible on ‘Hold Me Closer’ to begin with… her vocals are subdued and practically imperceptible. Yes, it was great to see her return to music… but it was a far cry from the true return to form that everyone was expecting. This has not yet been achieved.

Anyway… Elton sure drew a crowd. His group’s audience was completely full! But when it comes to Britney… well, we’ll always have Vegas. A time to truly remember.

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