December 7, 2023


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Britney Spears adds two employees to her staff, one with a medical background

Britney Spears adds two employees to her staff, one with a medical background


Britney Spears

Hire new employees at home…

Medical professional included

Britney Spears And her (remaining) team is taking steps to make sure she’s taken care of, especially when it comes to her health… TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Britney tell us… she recently hired new staff at her LA home. We’re told one of those employees has a history of working in medicine – which is really important, considering Britney’s needs.

Our sources say that an employee with medical expertise will take on a wide range of responsibilities, but the primary task is making sure she stays healthy. The main responsibility is to make sure she takes her medication.

As for Britney remaining support system — her lawyer, Matt Rosengartand manager Kid Hudson – We’re told their focus is on keeping Britney occupied. Our sources say she has been in the music business as well as projects outside the home. We’re told Britney doesn’t like being on her own, so getting her outside is important.

Britney recently posted a series of photos and videos of what many thought was her Divorce party — surrounded by shirtless men — but we’re told that was actually an old video.

However, it appears that serious steps are being taken to make sure Britney gets the care she needs in light of this Sam Asghari leaving f Submit a divorce application.

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