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The world of the future is bleak. Soulless corporations use the puppet government to carry out their own interests. But instead of relying on a toothless tiger in the form of a commission of inquiry supposed to expose alleged corruption, future activists are tired of the system! The government must be overthrown through targeted measures! However, mistrust has long prevailed, because the government is said to have smuggled spies into our cell trying to sabotage our missions. But the “resistance” can not stop!


Heidelbär Games has made The Resistance available for us to review.

This does not affect our rating!

torment of choice

“Resistance” is now a modern classic in social reasoning games. Depending on the number of people, an equal number of faction cards are dealt face down at the beginning of the game. Hence, all the players are either actually affiliated with the resistance or they are smuggled spies for the government. Up to five rounds are played, and each round consists of a discussion stage and a task stage. Once the team successfully completes three missions, it wins the game.

resistance test 000

A specified number of people must be sent on a mission in each round. The leader, always changing clockwise, proposes a team. Then there is usually a heated discussion, and finally a vote on sending that team. If the majority votes for the team, the mission phase continues. Otherwise, the leader changes and proposes a new team. Here too there is a debate on the subject, accusations and doubts fly back and forth, and once again the vote is finally taken. If there is no majority for the proposed team in the fifth election as well, the spies automatically win.

During the mission phase, each member of the mission team receives one success card and one failure card from the leader. You play one upside down on the task pile, and the other is discarded face down. Resistance fighters must play the success card, and spies can also play the failure card. The commander shuffles the task surface and reveals the cards in turn. If only successes are achieved, the resistance wins the task. On the other hand, if there is even one failure card in the deck, the spies win the mission and the next round usually starts with new charges.

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Resistance Test 003

To offer a bit of variety, business cards are included with the base game. At the beginning of the round, the leader draws one and gives it to another person. Some of these cards are effective immediately, others last until the end of the game. Anyway, they lighten the core gameplay and introduce new tactical options.

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