January 25, 2022


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test |  Redcliffe Bay Puzzle

Brettspiel-News.de – Test | Redcliffe Bay Puzzle

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Stranger things happen in the dreamy little English town of Redcliffe Bay. Reason enough for the Head of the Ministry of Mystery to send you as a detective there to uncover the secrets of the place. Solve the Mysteries of Redcliffe Bay.

Information about the game

Kosmos Verlag kindly made “Redcliff Bay Mysteries” available for your review.
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From one address to another

In “Redcliff Bay Mysteries”, one to four people try to solve the four cases covered. The common denominator they all have is that they are constantly browsing the story that is told on the cards. The news pile determines the speed. Every hour the next card is flipped over and read. Players search for new places, people, place, person, and interrogation pile when asked.

Redcliffe Bay Puzzles rezension 00

Then it’s up to the players to come to an agreement about seeking leads and questioning people. Generally, only one website can be visited at any given hour; By issuing time tags, additional sites can be visited at the same time. With the following news card, all location cards containing the old time will be erased. The culprit should be found at the latest when the pile of news is exhausted. Letters and the like are written on the cards for this. The short snake puzzle leads everyone to the corresponding destination map.

Tags: time management, 1-5 people, investigator, 60 minutes