January 25, 2022


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Brettspiel-News.de – Test | oven

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Dark smoke hangs over the chimneys of the new factory. Hundreds of workers make money from their hard work here, which they need to make ends meet and raise housing rents. But we don’t notice any of this, we are entrepreneurs building more and more factories like this one in faster cycles than ever before. The tough lumps of coal, iron and oil are processed with one goal: to maximize profit. Are you ready to build your own company empire?

Information about the game

Kobold Verlag is kind enough to provide “Furnace” for us to review.
This does not affect our rating!

Diligence and elbows

No gifts will be given in Furnace. We started as a small business owner who owns a factory. Their income is not close enough to make big leaps. Starting requirements vary as well as the skills we bring with us.

007 . oven test

At least there is a possibility to obtain raw materials and new plants in the four rounds through the bidding process. Here everyone is vying for the best buildings and places for raw materials. This is easily solved by wooden discs of different sizes.

After the auction has been successfully challenged, it is now time to start production. Materials such as iron, coal and petroleum are extracted and processed. Ultimately, with a view to making as much capital as possible from it. This stage is played by everyone at the same time, which positively affects the playing time.

After just four rounds, the game ends and a massive box office crash occurs. Whoever has the most profit wins.

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