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test |  Exodus - Book: The Woman in the Mist

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There have always been scary stories about the old abandoned villa on the edge of the lake. It is said to have been haunted there. On cloudy, moonlit nights, a woman walks through the water and at night makes frightening sounds from the house. Several self-proclaimed ghost hunters while trying to break into the house had already failed. One day, Ellie, Tina, and Yannick manage to solve the mystery that gives them entry. However, in their search for answers, the three quickly discovered that the manor was more dangerous than he had expected… and there seemed to be no escape.


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Welcome to Villa Madness

Strictly speaking, this “Exit – The Book” is actually a comic/graphic novel in which the story of Ellie, Tina, and Yannick is told in comic form. In a typical “exit” way, we solve a total of 10 puzzles in the course of the story by cutting and crimping pages and combining clues.

The peculiarity of the book form is that all puzzles result in a three-digit code, which must now be deciphered on the pages of the new book with the help of three decoding bars on the first page of the book. The adventure continues on these pages after the puzzle is solved. So the book isn’t read front to back, but we just keep jumping back and forth in the book. While this principle often gives the reader the ability to decide on the progress of the story in novels, this is not the case in Exodus – The Book: The Woman in the Mist. The story is told linearly after the puzzle is solved, not just on the next page.

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Exiting the book The Woman in the Mist 002

If you are not able to solve the puzzle, there are two solution tips for each puzzle as well as the final solution on the first pages. This can be made visible by means of a red chip so that no information is read by mistake.

At the end of the story “Exodus – The Book: The Woman in the Mist” an assessment is made of how much help is needed. We use this to evaluate our performance. The time required to solve all the puzzles does not matter, unlike the classic “Exit” titles.

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