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test |  Adventure Games - Im Nebelreich

Brettspiel-News.de – Test | Adventure Games – Im Nebelreich

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It’s only been a week since you received your first assignment from your village Sir. You must collect some rare herbs. So the mission was neither dangerous nor particularly exciting. But you haven’t been able to sleep since. At first I thought it was the long trip, the unfamiliar situation or just homesickness. Then the dream came: a strange purple fog descended upon your village, a huge shadow, the confused cries of the villagers, then a bolt of lightning and a wolf.

Only when your under-eye circles got deeper and deeper did you trust each other. You all had the exact same dream. Tired as a dog, but determined to prove him wrong, you set out for the village. With a heavy rain, you explore everything there and connect with your friends and family…nothing. As in your dream the village is completely deserted.

In the world of fog, you have to find out what happened and where everyone went. You can find out in our quiz if the journey to the fairy kingdom of fog is really cool or if the fun is lost in the fog.


Cosmos Please provide us with “Adventure Games – Im Nebelreich” to review.

This has no effect on our rating!

Analog point and click im Märchenwald

“Adventure Games – Im Nebelreich” is now the sixth installment in the “Adventure Games” series and plays just like its predecessors. Control one of four characters (two at a time in a solo play) who embark on a mysterious journey into the unknown. This extends into three chapters. Uncover new locations, solve puzzles, and share the story by reading excerpts from the adventure book. Found items can be combined with each other or with specific locations, as well as with non-playable characters. Conversations or other interactions will enhance the story.

Adventure games im nebelreich 006

The underlying mechanisms have not changed much. In turn, all of their characters travel to a location and interact with it or collect items. As before, certain number entries must be selected or lined up for combinations. If the combination is correct, the matching number can be found in the adventure book and read – by someone from the playgroup or the optional KOSMOS Explanation App.

So far, pretty normal. The new is a mysterious second book without any inscription. This will only unlock as the adventure progresses. However, it has already been mentioned in the game instructions that this is a “Princess Diary”, which tells more about the background of the game world as the game progresses. No more will be revealed about this at this point.

The confrontations are also new. For example, the dragon can block the gate, and now the character that led to that encounter must decide how to deal with the opponent. The options are strength, stealth, and cunning. So there are chances of getting straight into a fight, sneaking on quiet soles, or bluffing cleverly. Occasionally, different styles require different items, different personalities, or specific situations. If successful, the individual values ​​increase. If the dragon is defeated by force, then its power increases. In an adventurous context, there are always places where a certain level in one of these values ​​is required or a better option is available.

Adventure games im nebelreich 007

The setup also looks somewhat new. Because “Im Nebelreich” is set in a colorful fantasy world populated by talking animals and magical beings. The illustrations are colorful and playful and differ relatively sharply from the dark or slightly scary backgrounds in previous “adventure games”. In addition, there is no longer a rating system, and therefore no point rating at the end of the adventure, which shows how good or bad the adventure is to compete.

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